Overview electric forklifts:

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1,3 - 2,0 ton 3-wheel (A Serie)

Brochure A Serie 3-wheel electric Forklifts


Versatility of use due to compact design and minimal operating space requirements. Eyeball attractive designed streamlined outline and metal material applied for exposed parts, all provide robust construction of the A series three wheel electric counterbalanced forklift truck.


 Front dual driving motors can be driven forward or reversing independently, the small turning radius suitable for narrow channel; Imported reducer, high power drive motor provides a reliable and strong performance.


High power pump motor and Low noise gear pump, all improve the lifting speed and efficiency.

The regenerative braking is more energy saving and effectively .


Thanks to the new designed adjustable control handle, the operator can work more comfortable. New designed dashboard is easy to see and provides friendly human-computer interaction and with running hours, self diagnosis function and the battery power show.

Both the steering wheel and seat can be adjusted easily, every operator can find the best driving position.

Low vibration and suspension seat can reduce the driver’s fatigue.


Sinking type designed battery layout provides battery stability especially during turning.

The soft landing system can avoid the forks dashing against the ground.


New designed wide view mast provides better forward view ability.

Emergency switch is standard specification which meets the Euro safety regulation.

There’s overloading protection for electronics and hydraulic system.

Turning speed is automatically reduced when steering.


Full opened battery cover is easy for battery service and changing.

The service man can remove the front floor board without any tool, it is convenient for the maintenance.


The applied world famous controller, connectors, battery plug and emergency switch are to ensure the reliability of the performance and provides easy service.

High frequency MOSFET integrated control system provides accurate control of travelling, lifting and better adjustable performance and better match with the motor. Secure stopping on ramp function is also provided thanks to MOSFET controller. Motor brake is for regenerative braking during deceleration, direction changing, and downward slope. The regenerative braking is more energy saving and effectively .

1,0 - 3,5 ton 4-wheel (A Serie)

Brochure A serie 1,0 - 3,5 ton 4-wheel electric Forklift

●The internationally advanced parallel arrangement is adopted for traction motor, and the machine is characterized by sinking type designed battery layout, resulting in lower gravity center and better stability of entire truck.

●Flexible steering system, with smaller turning radius, allows turnaround within confined passageway.


●The adjustable, small-diameter steering wheel with tilt designed based on ergonomics offers good hand feeling, and the seat can also be adjusted forward and backward, which can provide best driving position for the operator.

●Easy to see display is located to overhead, increase visibility and operability, thus with higher driving safety.

●Featured with low noise, energy saving and no exhaust emission, all the performances of this vehicle meet the requirement of eco-friendliness.


●Famous brand controllers, connectors, battery plug, emergency switch and dashboard are applied so as to ensure the reliability of the performance and easy operation.

●Major parts such as chassis, drive axle, steering axle, and mast are all designed with high strength to satisfy high-strength work conditions.

●Emergency switch is in standard specification which meets the Euro safety regulation.

●Besides, there's overloading protection for electronics and hydraulic system.


●EPB (Electronic Parking Brake), which realizes intelligent parking brake, with lower labor intensity of the operator, and higher safety.

●Soft landing system.

●Full AC configuration includes AC traction motor + AC pump motor; with higher performance of entire truck, and longer battery life.


●The fully opened battery cover makes the battery service rather easy and the cover of the controller can be easily opened.

●The brushless, maintenance-free AC drive motor reduces operation cost significantly.

●The option of side roll out battery is very convenient for fast, efficient, and safe, and is suitable for continuous work conditions.

2,5 - 3,5 ton High Performance 4-wheel (A Serie)

Brochure 2.5 - 3.5 ton high performance electric forklifts

New A series of high-performance electric forklif which covers from 2.5t to 3.5t, is the key promotiong product of HangCha in 2015. It is based on the already available for A series electric forklift, mainly to meet the requirements of efficiency first, fast lifting and driving speed, high capacity battery, excellent ergonomic, easy operation and operating safety.

High frenquency MOSFET controller provides accurate control of travelling, lifting with better adjustable performance, motor and battery match each othe better. Three braking are applied with regenerative baking, reverse current braking, paking brake and auto speed control on gradient. It is more energy saving and effectively. Traveling motor with the middle electric bridge structure is applied 18.5Kw large motor. 25.4Kw super AC pump motor with high efficiency system is not only with full protection fuctions but also with temperature sensor, speed sensor, which provides better reliability and long working life. Intergrated wet-discbrake axle, the maintenance free wet-disc brake is standard specification. Noise level below 74dB(A). The rear axle which adopted soft type hang system, improves the driver's comforts.

4,0 - 5,0 ton 4-wheel (J Serie)

Brochure J Serie 4.0 - 5.0 Ton electric forklift


The new J series 4.0-5.0t four wheel trucks are designed for heavy-duty, ideal for high –lift, long-travel, 
multi-shift applications. Economy of operation, resulting from minimized maintenance costs.


Both AC and DC systems are provided as customers’ requirements. Side battery change is also available to customers’ choice.


The state-of-the-art design pays great attention to the cabin. Spacious footwell with well-placed pedal gives 
plenty of space for operator’s legs, and helps the driver work safely. Soft landing system is also reducing the 
noise to operator.


Three independent braking systems are provided. Especially the fully programmable, regenerative electric braking 
almost eliminates the need for a footbrake.
Wide view mast provides better forward visibility to the driver.


Careful design facilitates inspection and servicing. Easy maintenance reduces the amount of downtime and helps to 
reduce cost also.
Dropped down battery design gives the truck firm stability during its traveling and easy for your daily check.

5,0 - 8,5 ton 4-wheel (J Serie)


Body choosing modern large circular arc streamline surface modeling, is in accordance with international design trend.


Steering braking and lifting hydraulic adopts two independent hydraulic system, to ensure the braking performance, realize the joint operations.


New designed broad view mast provides better forward view ability.

New dashboard is easy to see and provides friendly human-computer interaction with multiple functions.


International advanced Full-AC controller provides stable and accurate control, it make the operation more efficient, safe and comfortable.

Regenerative brake(When parking, reversing and declining, the drive motor will charge the battery, energy saving).  

Energy saving LED lamp.


Motor controller, contactor, power plug, emergency switch, instrument and other major electrical components adopt international brand products.

Electronic and hydraulic overload protection device.

Brochure J Serie 5,0 - 8,5 ton electric Forklifts